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Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

A Place To Develop

Our Pastor

Welcome to Shiloh Live website. We are confident your visit will be a wonderful experience in that we are constantly upgrading this site, so visit on regular intervals. Our church is ministry driven; consequently it is a. Since we are ministry driven, we equip each person, in attendance, with the necessary tools and recourses, from a Biblical perspective, so as they can make correct choices as they interact; In their family environment; In their faith environment; In their workplace environment; and In their community environment.

Dr. Walter E. White, D.Min., Pastor

Dr. Linda K. White, First Lady

Thoughts from Our Pastor:

Keys to Asking and Receiving:




  1. You have to know how or what to ask for.
  2. Don't ask with the wrong motives.
  3. Be specific.
  4. In all things, put God first.
  5. Sometimes God won't answer you.

Scriptures for the week